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October 29, 2021

Virtual Learning Day - November 2, 2021

Tuesday, November 2, Election Day, Will Be A Virtual Learning Day

Many of our Boise School District schools will be used as polling locations on Election Day, November 2. Since there will be thousands of visitors in our school buildings on Tuesday, November 2, students will learn virtually from home to keep everyone safe during the ongoing pandemic. On Tuesday, November 2, teachers will be teaching through their Google Classrooms via Google Meets. Students will follow their daily schedule next Tuesday from home virtually since every teacher will be holding a Google Meet each period.

COVID-19 Updates

Reminder - Expectations If Your Student is Quarantining at Home

The Boise School District follows CDC school protocols when a student is exposed, tests positive, or has symptoms of COVID-19. The Exposure and Illness Decision Trees along with more COVID-19 information is available on our Boise School District Website.

If your student is quarantining at home, they are marked as “virtual learning”. Virtual learning means that students will be accessing each teacher’s Google Classroom to see what assignments they need to work on while at home if they are feeling well enough. Teachers will not be teaching via a Google Meet online while we are full-time in-person. If there is an assignment the student does not understand, they are encouraged to email their teacher for clarification. If the teacher can not explain things via email, they may set up a Google Meet to help the student with the assignment. If at any time you or your student is not understanding something, please reach out to their teacher.

Congratulations to the October Students of the Month

Cross Walk Safety

Attention Students Crossing Warm Springs - please make sure you are using the designated cross walk, pressing the button, and waiting for the lights BEFORE you cross the street. We have had many calls regarding students crossing without taking the necessary precautions.

NJHS Meeting

NJHS Meeting Monday, November 1st during 9th grade lunch in the small gym. Attendance is mandatory, please bring your lunch to the gym with you.

Upcoming Events


  • November 2 - Election Day and all schools will be Virtual Learning

  • November 3 - Wrestling @ Riverglen

  • November 4 - Girls BB A Team @ South; Girls BB B Team vs. South

  • November 5 - Wrestling @ East

  • November 7 - Daylight Savings Time Ends

  • November 9 - Wrestling @ Fairmont

  • November 10 - Girls BB A Team vs. West; Girls BB B Team @ West

  • November 11 - Wrestling @ West

  • November 12 - Girls BB A Team @ Hillside; Girls BB B Team vs. Hillside

  • November 16 - Wrestling @ East

  • November 17 - Girls BB A Team @ Les Bois; Girls BB B Team vs. Les Bois

  • November 18 - Wrestling @ Les Bois

  • November 19 - Girls BB A Team @ North; Girls BB B Team vs. North

  • November 22 - 26 - Thanksgiving Break, No School

  • November 30 - Girls BB A Team vs. Fairmont; Girls BB B Team @ Fairmont


  • December 1 - Wrestling @ Hillside

  • December 2 - Girls BB A Team @ Riverglen; Girls BB B Team vs. Riverglen

  • December 3 - Girls BB A Team vs. South; Girls BB B Team @ South