CMS Weekly Update

Week ending on March 23rd

Return to Full In-Person

As we prepare for the return to "Full in-person learning", there is some information and updates that you should make yourself aware of:

  1. April 5th: Grade 5 and 6 students will begin full-time in-person learning.
  2. April 26th: Grade 7 and 8 students will begin full-time in-person learning.
  3. The School Calendar for the remainder of the year has been changed. March 31st will now be a 1/2 day of school and April 1st will be no school for students and staff will be taking part in a full day of professional development. (See below)
  4. The students' schedules in Aspen will now reflect a 6 period day. The start times and dismissal times have not changed.
  5. Students will be placed at a minimum of 3 ft apart in class and will remain 6 ft in the cafeteria and auditorium.
  6. We will continue to conduct POOL testing, which has been going very well, on Mondays and Tuesdays, depending on what day your child's homeroom is tested. (See below)
  7. Drop-Off and Pick-up areas have changed (SEE BELOW)
  8. If you are in need of bus transportation, please see the information below in this newsletter.

Changes to the School Calendar:

Calendar Update: The APS 2020-21 Calendar has been revised to support our transition to a full in-person return to school. The half-day that was previously scheduled for April 16 has now been moved to March 31. There will be no school for students on April 1 and June 16 will be the last day of school. Please see the following link for more details:

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Information on Covid-19 Pool Testing @ CMS

We just wanted to give information regarding Pool Testing at Coelho Middle School, so that you can make a more informed decision if you would like to be a part of it or not.

  • Since the start of the Pool Testing, we have over 270 students and staff consent to taking part in the weekly testing.
  • We have tested students and staff for a total of 1,408 tests over the past 5 weeks.
  • Out of all the pools that we have tested, (145) to be exact, we have only had 2 pools come back with a positive case.
  • This means that the percent of tests coming back positive is a .14% positivity rate based on the number of tests administered.

Drop Off and Pick-up

In the attempt to handle the number of parents that have decided to pick-up and drop off their children from school, CMS has changed the ways that students can enter/exit the building.

Entering and Exiting the building:

  • Grade 5 and 6: Students will be able to enter the building either by Door J (first door by the entrance of the school or by Door H, These doors are located near the flag pole.
  • Grade 7 and 8: Students will be able to enter at Door F (in the back of the building) or Door H (near the Flag Pole and the cafeteria)

Drive-up and Parking for Parents:

During morning drop off:

  • We are asking that parents pull into the main entrance and drive up as far as possible to drop their child off. Remember to stay on the left side of the cones, as buses and cars that are passing through will be using the right lane.

During Pick-up:

  • We are asking parents once again to use the left lane only to pick-up your child.
  • You should remain in your cars and NOT get out to look for your child. There will be many staff members outside helping students get to their cars.
  • If you would like to park and wait for your child, Grade 5 and 6 parents can park in the lot next to the flag pole or in the spaces across from the dumpsters.
  • Grade 7 and 8 Parents can park in the back of the building or in the spaces across from the dumpster.
  • At no time should anyone park on the right side of the entrance. This a Fire Lane and we need this space open for traffic.


As we prepare for the transition to full in-person learning for grades 5 and 6 on April 5th and April 26th for Grade 7 & 8, we are well aware that many students may need transportation to and from school for 5 days a week. If you are in need of transportation, we ask that you reach and call Coelho Middle School and speak with one of the clerks, Mrs. Franklin or Mrs. Chuk to set up transportation.

I also want to take this opportunity to clarify a couple of things before you call.

  1. If your student already rides the bus, you DO NOT need to sign up for transportation.
  2. If you no longer would like to use the bus as a form of transportation to and from school, you DO NEED to contact the school
  3. APS Bus Policy and Payment for service are in effect and the clerks will help you in determining if you are Fee for Service.
  4. If you have children at more than one school in the district, you need to contact each individual school.
  5. If you filled out the transportation survey, you still need to contact the school.

New Student Travel Policy for APS

Please note that Massachusetts has changed its travel order to an advisory.

APS will be following this change effective March 29th. For more details, please click the following link: