If She Comes up,

It's Baptism

Does it rely mean baptism

Baptism in the Christian cultural means, a persons rebirth into the faith. Hinting that they are a new person. well in a book that's often what it means when a character steps into water, the bringing of new life or a changing in the character. although stepping into water does not always mean a change. But Chang does not always come from stepping in to water. They can come from a dramatic event or situation

Water is a source of chang

The Way in Which a Character get into Water is Significant.

the character could find there self in water by:

  • the bridge gives way
  • the character is pushed
  • pulled
  • dragged
  • tripped
  • tipped over

The way in which a character managest to get out of the water is even significant

is the character rescued? does the character swim out? grab a Piece of drift wood? just walk out?

Lets say the character is rescued this like mean passivity, good fortune. on the other hand if they find a piece of drift wood this could mean luck, coincidence, serendipity rather then planning.

There is a meaning in a author drowning or puting a charictar into water

  • wish fulfillment
  • exorcism of a primal fear
  • exploration of the possible and not just a...
  • handy solution to a messy plot difficulties

You never cross the same river twice

You Cant Double up

A character in a book, never have the same Chang or Epiphany twice. Like with a river a character is constantly changing. all the bits and pieces that where there a moment ago are somewhere else now; and changing and going at a different rate.

River Song

In doctor who time lords can regenerate, in context there old self/body is destroyed. But a new pieces of there nature or character is present; brought forward and shown. example River song

water may not always technicly be the changing factor.


If a character steps in or is push,pulled,tripped it doesn't rely matter what the circumstances of the character going under and then come back up is. If the character is ready to start a new and be done with the old self when they go under there often a new person, when they come up. this is often the terms of rebirth for a character in a story.

If a charecter step in to Water.... In a book ,its not always just to go for a swim

The fact of the Subject

when a character gets wet { and i don't mean from taking a bath or rain, or the like} it usually means a whole lot more then just wanting to go swimming!

Definitions of words you may not have know in the presntation or text


  1. the trait of remaining inactive; a lack of initiative


  1. luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for