Conquerer of the Aztecs

Fun Facts!

~He was born in 1485.

~He tried to become a lawyer but failed.

~He married a native (said to have been and Aztec Princess sold as a slave) who became not only his wife but also his guide and interpreter.

~ Signed his letters as Fernan Cortez.

~Was said to be to ambitious for his own good.

~ He died on December 2, 1547.

Hernado Cotes Pizzaro

He was an only child born into an upper class family in Medelin, Castile in 1485. When he turned 14 he was enrolled in The University of Salmanca to study in law. He only stayed for a short two years before returning home. Although he failed his classes he did learn some Latin and became a skilled writer. Even after returning home he didn't stay long before enlisting in the army as a solider. When he was 18 he sailed for the island of Hispanolia. He alos helpd conquer Cuba in 1511. He was signed up to travel to the new world but never made it there till 1540 at the age of 55.

Why am I Famous?????

The greatest accomplishment Hernan Cortez has under his belt was conquering the Aztec Empire. Which was a huge acomplishment and historical mile stone for the European settlers. Cortes and the spainards first arrived in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninnsula in 1519, their goal was to convert the natives to Christianity, this goal didn't last long. They soon ran into the Valley of Mexico where the Aztec empire was based, the Aztecs had spread their empire greatly over majority of Mexico from the many other civilizations they had conquered. The Aztec empire was great as they were "wealthy' in the eyes of the Spainards, having an abundance of gold. The Aztecs pictured the Spanish aliens as gods, that also did not last long. Soon at war with eachother the Spanish were soon to win having advanced weaponry and also bringing forgein diseases that the natives were not immune to. A good 3/4 of the native population died due to violence or disease. The Aztecs soon fell to Cortes and his men in August 1521. After defeating the Aztecs the Spanish destroyed Tecnotilian (the Aztec empire) and built Mexico City on top of it. Despite the negatives of the fall of the Aztecs there were some very crucial events that came about from this historical event,


Cortez's accomplishments had a great impact on life then and now, good and bad. The impact on the society back then was great, for the Aztecs of course it was a very very bad type of impact destroying their great empire. But for the Europeans it was a huge benifit , the impact brought only good things. It brought and introduced domestic animals to the area along with certian foods tomatoes, potatoes, beans, and maize were taken back to Europe and introduced to their diet.