Our First Communion

Espiritu Santo Catholic Church

Come Celebrate Our Coming To the Table of the Lord!

A seat at the table acclaims a new status: big boy or big girl. The move to the table brings new privileges. There a child can share fully in the family fare (even the broccoli!) and in the table conversation. The move also brings new responsibilities. The little one must master the rudiments of table manners. Children who sit at the table are expected to contribute something to the well-—being of the whole family.

First Communion is just such a momentous move. A child, baptized as an infant into the family of God we call Church, at last takes a place at the Lord's Table with the grownups. Grandparents, aunts, friends join the youngster's immediate family in celebrating the event. (Carol Luebering)

Celebration of Our First Eucharist

Saturday, May 10th, 11am

Espiritu Santo Catholic Church, Safety Harbor, FL

Safety Harbor, FL