Big Walnut Elementary

Parent Update 5.6.16

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  • Important Dates
  • Winners of the Flower Sale
  • This Week- General Update/Comments
  • PTO Shout-Out
  • Barnes and Noble offering
  • Eagle's Extensionsl
  • Leaders of the Month
  • Public Forum Calendar
  • Tech. help
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Important dates:

  • May 6th - Money Prize and Silly String War for Flower Sale Winners
  • May 6th - Brag Tags
  • May 6th - Spirit Winner Announced by Miss Maddie - Mrs. Tuel's Room is on a run! Can any other homeroom beat them?
  • May 10th - Move Up Day (2:30pm) Grades K-3
  • May 13th - 4th Grade Field Trip
  • May 16th - Spring Fling - bring a towel - some water activities
  • May 17th - Move Up Day for 4th Graders (9:45am)
  • May 19th - BWE Board Presentation (Student of the Month, Building Showcase, CIP)
  • May 23rd - Eagle Explorers (2:00pm)
  • May 25th - 4th Grade Clap Out (3:20pm)
  • May 26th - Students' Last Day/Family Picnic - More info to come! (11:30-12:30pm) Bring sack lunch

Winners of the Flower Sale were rewarded by turns in the money box and a silly string battle!

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This week...

This Week...

Parents and Guardians,

We felt the love this week, courtesy of our fabulous PTO and parents! Thank you! We have some exciting projects and activities planned for our students. More details and schedules as we get closer.

Is your kiddo interested in coding? Check out the resources in the graphic below.

Searching for more books for your kiddos?

Try this out: Best part? It's FREE! Tons of books. Each student can have their own profile based on interest. It even has student reviews to help in book selection!

Enjoy the weekend!


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BWE Staff was COMPLETELY spoiled by our fabulous parents, PTO and students!

Thank you for all of the goodies and delicious food. We felt incredibly special!
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Eagle Extensions

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Barnes and Noble's Free Book program...Check it out!

Kids can get a free book from Barnes & Noble's summer reading program when they complete three fun reading activities. Updated for Summer 2016. Read More:

Leaders of the Month - Synergize

Hudson Fleck

Jessiah Madden

Tami Bessinger

Lincoln Hughes

Marisa McComas

Carson Loeffler

Micah McClain

Carter Russell

Presley SanFillippo

Cameron Weeks

J.J. Evans

Ally Wilhelm

Jay Branzel

Stephen Golbeck

Kaden Koch

Keating's Krew

Monthly talk with students over breakfast about qualities of a leader. What a fantastic group of kiddos!
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