Barbados: "The Island of Islands"

By: Niko Karavergos

Things on Barbados

Barbados has many things to explore. Luckily they speak English and welcome guests. First off book yourself at a hotel try Sandy Lane a five star resort near bays and beaches. Or go to the See U guest house near Bathsheba or the Ocean bliss apartments near the city.

Weather on the Island

The weather on Barbados is usually around the high 80 degrees Fahrenheit and is mostly sunny and or partly cloudy. It rains sometimes and the humidity is around comfortable.

Barbaian Currency

One Barbadian dollar is equal to half a U.S dollar so that may make things easier for you. Just don't forget to trade in some of your money for Barbadian currency.
Barbados Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions

The Ticket Examples

Prices range from 721 to 800 dollars per person per flight

Fri, Oct 9

11:45 am – 3:54 pm

Chicago (ORD) – Miami (MIA)

American 334 · Boeing 737

Average legroom (31")

3h 09m


In-seat power

Stream to your device

Layover in Miami MIA

1h 01m

4:55 pm – 8:38 pm

Miami (MIA) – Barbados (BGI)

American 2393 · Boeing 737

Average legroom (31")

Often delayed by 30+ min

3h 43m

In-seat power

Stream to your device

No Wi-Fi