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A summary of Hinduism

Most of the followers of Hinduism live in India and Nepal. Hinduism is the third largest religion, and is most dominant in South Asia. They believe a lot in karma and dharma, and how your actions will effect your next life.

A summary of Hanuman

Hanuman is a Hindu god. He is a devotee to another Hindu God named Rama. He was born to the vanaras. His mother is Anjana, and they both look like monkeys. He uses a mace as a weapon. He is in many cartoons and comics that kids read.

Story of Hanuman

Before Hanuman was born his mother, Anjana, had a very awful curse. She got this curse for throwing fruit at a monkey meditating when she lived on earth, but this wasn't any ordinary monkey. This was a powerful sage whom took the form of a monkey. He become very angered at her and put a curse on her that she will have the face of a monkey when she falls in love. She was very scared and didn't want this happening, so she went to Lord Brahma. He told her he could remove the curse if she went back to earth and fell in love with someone there. Shortly after she went back to earth and fell in love and the curse was gone.


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