by: Zach Hinkle


The map below shows the densely populated areas of Mexico, the darker blue means that it is very densely populated, and the lighter blue means there are not very many people living there.


Did you know that 95% of Mexicans are Roman Catholic? It's true, when the spanish conquered Mexico during the time of the Aztecs they converted a lot of the Indians to Catholicism. Most Mexicans speak Spanish, but there are still a few that speak the ancient Indian languages.

Agriculture & Industry

Mexico produces a lot of tobacco, and other foods and beverages. In Mexico they mine a lot of iron and steel, they also produce petroleum which can be turned into oil. Another big money producer is all of the tourism that takes place all over Mexico.


In Mexico it just matters where you are in the country, you could be living in the dessert or in the tropical areas. In Mexico city the temperature on average is about 63 degrees. It almost never snows in Mexico but in some areas there is lots of rain.


Mexico has a big mountain range called the Sierra Madre Occidental. It runs from northern Mexico all the way down to southern Mexico. Also did you know that Mexico has over 150 rivers?, and seventy percent of them drain out into the Pacific ocean.


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