Create a Flip Snack Account

Follow these instructions to create your Flip Snack Account!

Registering for Flip Snack

Part I

  • Go to
  • Click on "Sign in with email"
  • Click Register button
  • If student has their own email account, type in email and click on Register.
  • If student does NOT have their own email account, continue with instructions:
  • Name: Type your First Name and Last Initial ex: Johnny S.
  • Email: Type your school username Ex:
  • Password: Type your student ID number
  • Fill in the info to prove you are NOT a robot!
  • Click on Register
  • You will now go to another site to receive your validation email from Flip Snack!

Part II

  • Go to
  • "Check your inbox" type your email address for Flip Snack Ex:
  • Click Go!
  • Retrieve your email from Flip Snack and click on link to activate Flip Snack account
  • Create your first Flip Snack!

Need a Visual? Here's the video!

Flip Snack