Gregor Mendel

Investegated on pea plants

Smart man, greatly admired!

When he added two yellow seeds together he had yellow and green produce.

Early years


1. He is a gifted child

2. He was sent to a boarding school in germany


  1. Family was poor

  2. No one helped him and couldn’t pass every science exam

Experimental Design

Experimental Design Description: How peas passed on their traits. Gregor Mendel crossed different types of peas. Some were purebred some were not.


  1. Studied pea plants

2. He looked at there seed shape, pod color, and stem length.


Specific Data

  1. When he crossed yellow and green seeds he got yellow seeds as the outcome.

  2. Then he combined two yellow seeds and the outcome was a mix of green and yellow.

  3. Studies show that the yellow seeds were more dominant than the green peas. 6,022 yellow and 2,001 green peas.


Scientists Reactions: They were confused and thought that he just did the hybrid thing.


He used seeds from peas to see how they passed on their traits.



Definition: everything their way, over power everyone

Example: The yellow pea is more dominant.


Definition: pushovers, give in easily

Example: The green pea is recessive to the yellow pea.


Definition: gene that is neither

Example: When someone crossed the white and black chickens they got a chicken with white and black feathers.