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Slave interviw

I saw a slave auction yesterday.I interviewed one owner and a slave he was a boy. he had told me about the letter he wrote to his big brother. About whats going on at the slave auction. and heres what it said.Dear Brother,I am about to get auctioned of to my new owner. This may be the last time i ever talked to you. I feel alone without you there.Are other brothers and sisters here getting split up .They look sad and lonely without them. I miss you and i know you miss me .I hate the day we were split up.I felt sad and lonely . just like these other kids.I bet you also felt lonely. its sad.

Frederick Douglas interview

R.what happened in your child hood

F.My grandmother raised me because my mother had been sold

R.what type of jobs did you do on the plantation

F.I pulled weeds and helped older slaves

R.who taught you how to read second masters wife

R.Where did you get the the idea of the sailor suit

F.I got a lot of experience working at the docks so I decided to steal a sailor outfit and escape

R.How did you help others by doing this

F.I published books and i inspired people by doing this

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Harriet tubman facts

Harriet ross had been born in maryland the year in the year 1820.In 1844 Harriet married a free man John Tubman.Although she didn't have any kids.Also Harriet made 19 trips to maryland and helped 300 slaves escaped to freedom. Harriets fathers last name was rose and her mothers first name was Harriet and that how she got the name Harriet rose.She even served as a nurse and a spy for the union army.As a young child harriet spoke out against slavery.At age 13 she saved a slave from punishment however for efforts she was beaten over the head with a peice of metal
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underground railroad story

Roderick L Townsend made it to the woods on his journey to escape from slavery.He became sad and missed his family and returns to slave quarters.After a short bit of rest rod returns to work on the plantation.Later rod is picking cotton under the swelting sun and needs a break.He is tired in the sun and decides to make a break for it to the woods.He is tired of is long journey and rests in the woods.The next day he decides to stay in the woods one more time.

The battle of shiloh

Dear Mom and Dad

This has been a bloody war yet 1,754 of are men and 8,408 of there men died in battle.In two days later the confederate army had lost.we won.However it was a shame indeed thousands of are men were captured,wounded,and even dead.This war all started when when a force constantly of incomplete soldiers and gun boats attacked forts on northern Tennessee .Major general William t Sherman opened up the rivers when Captured these forts.And this all happened on April6-7 in 1862. i'm Lucky i'm alive


Roderick L Townsend