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Mini Zoo

Mini Zoos are small zoos basically, to get into more detail, it's like a little doll house but for animals in their natural habitats. These mini zoos are exact smaller versions of these animals natural habitats and everything that is involved. Once you get your mini zoo, you don't have to do much to take care, just take of whatever animals you decide to purchase along with your mini zoo. These zoos can come in whatever terrain you would like for your personal preference.

Mini Zoo.............................................$65.99

Mini Animals

To go along with your mini zoo you can take your pick of whatever animals you want! We can get you whatever you want for your mini animals for different prices. Each animal has it's own personality and it's own mind. These animals can each go to great homes like yours! All of our animals that are available, they all get along with each other. So there is nothing you need to worry about with those kinds of things.
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Mini Aquarium

Along with our line of mini zoos, we also have a brand new line of mini aquariums and mini sea animals as well! The mini aquariums are kind of like tanks but they are so much more interesting. These tanks are fit for any type of sea animal that you would like to put in it. These come with coral reefs for your animals that neeed them to survive. These aquariums are very interactive too! You can play with your water animals through the water and it will be no harm to either of you.
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Mini Sea Animals

Along with our mini animlas for our mini zoos, to go along with our mini aquariums, we now have mini sea animals! Learning about all the animals in the sea is cool and everything but what if you could have your own little versions of each of them. These animals are not hard work at all!