Monday Message

From the desk of Dr. Harrell

September 9, 2019

Last week I shared that I Believe in ‘U' – The teacher.

This week my thoughts have turned to: I believe in ‘U’ - The student.

Each student brings their own unique personality, characteristics, qualities, and gifts. Some students are strong in their confidence and are willing to share and some are shy or cautious and therefore somewhat hesitant to share with others. Some are loud and some are quiet; some are energetic, some are reserved and some are fragile. Some students’ gifts don’t seem to be valued by the world so they believe they have no value. Perhaps our most important job is to discover or uncover their gifts and unconditionally champion what each student brings. It is up to each one of us to Believe in our Students. It is up to us to look at each student and say “I Believe in U.”

As students enter our classes, our goal is to look at each one and genuinely smile. However, some days are just a little more difficult than others and we might find ourselves judging, wishing they were in another class or hoping they may be absent. We often judge based on what we see and the words we hear the student use, not knowing the true context of how these characteristics developed. Regardless of how the student presents themselves, it is up to us to say “I Believe in U.”

There is a story I would like to share with you. Most of you may have read about or seen Teddy Stoddard’s story as I have many times. It is, however, a story that never grows old. As you view the video, allow yourself to visualize what Teddy had to contend with. Then think about who might be your Teddy.

I pray for each of you every day. Your job is incredibly difficult. This job is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding, yet you continue to step up for our students. No one person is an island and you never know how your kind, loving, uplifting and supportive words or acts will affect another. Therefore, you must use an unconditional lens to look at each student and remind them that “I Believe in U.” You have a Teddy in your class. Maybe you have two. And they are depending on us to believe in them.

Thank you for all you continue to do for our students. I believe in U!

Dr. Harrell

Uvalde High School College, Career & Military Readiness Center

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The College, Career & Military Readiness (CCMR) Center, located at Uvalde High School, hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday, September 4th at 12:00 PM. College, Career & Military Readiness strives to expand learning, opportunity, and preparation towards a student’s more successful post-high school experience. In the CCMR center, a student will find the necessary resources to support that goal. For example, students seeking to pursue a college certification or degree will be provided with guidance in completing college applications, the financial aid application, as well as scholarship applications. Students are also encouraged to attend trips to learn about Texas colleges and universities. Seventeen campuses have been added to the Fall UHS calendar for students, the first of which is scheduled for September 10th to Texas A&M University-Kingsville and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Parents are also welcomed to join and learn about the institution(s) their student is considering for future enrollment. Meals and transportation are funded by UCISD.

The available CCMR resources don’t stop at post-secondary education though. Students seeking to learn about a military branch will also find the CCMR Center useful as the CCMR Advisor will be ready to connect students to the military branch of their choice. Guidance in registering for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam is also available.

Additionally, many of our UHS students are enrolled in college-level courses with an intent to graduate certified in a vocational area. The CCMR Advisor will guide students with their résumé for employment, further securing career readiness upon high school graduation. Students are encouraged to stand out amongst all other applicants by being prepared with a résumé. All resources are available in Room 401 at Uvalde High School, For more information please contact Mrs. Alejandro at 830-591-2950 or by email at

Utalks Bible Study Sessions

This past week was week two of the Utalks Bible Study Sessions at Uvalde High School and Morales Junior High. The sessions are sponsored by the Cactus Jack Foundation by providing lunch and the guest speaker. The opportunity is announced in the morning and before lunch sharing the opportunity for students who may wish to participate. Students participate on their own free will and turned out in large numbers. We are thankful for our community partnership with the Cactus Jack Foundation for bringing this opportunity to our students.

KVOU Uvalde CISD Weekly Update

On Thursday, September 5th, our district was represented on Coyote Country 104.9 KVOU by UHS Band Director Jason Jung and Dr. Harrell. The interview included information on the UIL Competition Piece, upcoming competitions and the outstanding commitment our students are putting forth! The interview had great information, highlighted our students, and invited our community to district events.

UHS Coyote Band Update

Dr. Harrell District Update

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Coyote Fan of the Week was awarded to:

John Rayland Sweeten, Kindergarten Dalton Student

who was nominated for showing Coyote Pride! John Rayland was surprised with balloons, two sideline passes, free tickets to the Coyote vs Eagle Pass CC Winn game, a free hotdog, and drink and a tour of the Press Box. The Coyote Fan was extremely surprised and honored.

How can you be the next Coyote Fan of the Week for the Friday, September 13th Football Game? Uvalde CISD Students are encouraged to take pictures and/or video showing their Coyote Spirit wearing the weekly theme western “Rope the Mavs”, showing your Coyote & Lobo Spirit at a game or showing your Coyote & Lobo Pride in our community.

Picture and/or video submissions should be posted to Athletic Director R.T. Gonzales’ Facebook page or emailed to All submissions must be received by Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

Uvalde High School Coyotes visit Flores Elementary.....

Fabulous Flores Students were all "Saddled Up" in support of our fabulous Coyotes when they were surprised to see some of the U.H.S. Football Players prior to the start of their school day on Friday Morning. Students were excited and full of questions for the Coyote Football Players. These young men are an inspiration and great role models to our younger students. We look forward to their next visit!
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On Friday, September 6th, Anthon Elementary hosted a “Cafecito” with the Leadership Team. The parents in attendance participated in Community Circle. Community Circle is an activity all Anthon Students participate in sharing their hopes and dreams with their classroom community. The Cafecito continued with opportunities to volunteer, discussion on the conflict resolution flow-chart, upcoming school events, and closing circle with appreciations. This was a great first Cafecito, we are looking forward to future Cafecitos.

Special Visitor at Batesville.....

The Batesville Bobcats had a special treat on Thursday, September the 5th. DPS Trooper Maggie Fernandez stopped by to read to several classrooms. The students enjoyed the interaction and look forward to Trooper Fernandez visiting again.
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Batesville Elementary Celebrate Grandparents Day.......

Batesville School observed Grandparents Day with donuts and coffee for the special guests. This is always a great opportunity to visit with our grandparents and community members. The event was well attended and brought smiles to our students. Students were very proud to introduce their grandparents to their classmates. At Batesville Elementary everyone is welcome because we are family.

Robb Scholars - Learning in Transition (L.I.T.).....

Robb Scholars make every moment count with Learning In Transition (L.I.T.)!