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Above The Line Integration

Are your lessons focused above the SAMR line? As you work with your teams I would encourage you to take a minute and review the SAMR model and check the level of your technology integration. There are many websites and apps available that can give you a boost into the modification and redefination level. I am available to work with you or your team, just let me know when.
The SAMR Model Explained By Students

Time To Google

Extensions and Add Ons, Oh My!

As busy professionals we are always looking for ways to be more productive. We also know how important it is to provide our students with success criteria and timely feedback. I recently, discovered a Google Sheets Add On called "Doctopus" and a Google Extension called "Goobric" that can increase teacher productivity and have a positive impact on student learning. Since a picture is worth a thousand words. I have provided some short video tutorials that will show the benefits of these tools. One advantage to using Google Drive is that you can access it at home and you don't have to worry if the document is in the right folder like the "Y" drive at school.

Thanks to Kasey Bell at Shake Up Learning for sharing her resources.

The New Doctopus & Add-ons Gallery
Goobric: Assessing Student Work

Today's Special Appeatizer


You may have noticed that Aurasma is now loaded on the iPads. This is an augmented reality (AR) app that allows you to use an image as a trigger. Once the trigger has been activated you will see a new layer of information appear on your iPad or smartphone. For example you could take a picture of a student's drawing of a polar bear and use that as the trigger image. Then when the drawing is scanned with the Aurasma app a video of the student sharing a polar bear fact would pop up. Each student could do research on an animal and then display their pictures and have other students tour the Sunrise zoo using iPads. As we move into student research, I can see many possibilities for this apps use.
Teaching with Aurasma
Aurasma iPad app tutorial

Where Is SAMR At Sunrise

App Approval Process

If you have an app that you would like to use, please follow the district process provided here.