Properties of Matter

Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma

Check out this video to see a few examples of the 3 states of matter.


This is plasma.

Mass and Volume of Matter

Matter has 3 (4) properties (solid, liquid, gas). Solids are a completely solid shape. Liquids are able to slosh around like water and drinks. Gas is air and water and liquid vapor. Mass is the weight of something and volume is the amount of space something takes up.

Describing Matter

A property is anything you measure or describe.
(Size, Shape, Texture, Color and Magnetism)

Changing Properties

Some properties of a substance can change form. For example gas can squeeze into small spaces or expand into large spaces. It can also change their state of matter. For example you can freeze water to make ice.

Vocabulary Words


Every thing is made of matter. Any substance of the state or properties.


The amount of space something takes up.


The amount of matter in something / the weight of something.


Properties are things you can measure or describe. (solid, liquid, gas (and sometimes plasma)

States of Matter

Form that matter can take (Solid, Liquid, Gas ( And sometimes plasma).


1. Which of the following contains matter?

A. Nothing
B. Solids
C. Liquids
D. Gasses
E. Everything

Click the answers to test yourself!

3. What is the best state of matter to mold into different shapes? (that you can see)

4. What is the definition of volume? (related to properties of matter)