Coniferous Forest

The Coniferous Forest

This is the coniferous forest. Most of the coniferous forests are in the northern area of north america and northern Asia.
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In the coniferous forest many things are biotic. The trees, caribou, foxes, moose, wolverines, wolves, and many other things. A fun fact is that the coniferous is called the coniferous forest because many of the trees are conifer trees. This biome is also known or the conifer trees which are incredibly tall.
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Food Web

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Many things in this forest are also abiotic. The snow, water (not including the fish), the incredible variations in temperature, the abundance of rocks, and acidic soil. The precipitation in this area ranges from 6 inches to 20 inches. The soil is very acidic. The temperatures ranges from 30 degrees to 75 degrees.
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About he Biome!!

We need this biome to hold many different species of animals, and to help purify our air. Sadly, humans are cutting down trees in this biome for lumber. We could protect this biome by putting up conservation's or planting trees every time we cut down some.