The History of Comic Books!

How did these popular books come to be?

How did comic books start?

The first comics were not like ours today. In 1929, Popeye, created by Elzie Segar, was published. Though he wasn't a super hero or a crime fighter, he did get above average strength when he ate spinach, and he used it to fight his nemesis, Bluto. Another one of the first comics is "The Phantom." It first appeared on February 17th, 1936. The phantom was a crime fighter, but had no superpowers.

"The Golden Age"

The golden age is the time when our favorite superheros were born. A new comic was made in June, 1938, with a man in a red and blue suit on the cover lifting a car over his head! This is the superhero we all know and love, Superman. With all the action and creativity put into the comic, it became a hit! In May, 1939, another superhero comic hit the shelves. BATMAN!!!! It was a darker comic than superman, but Batman did very well. And then our favorite patriotic hero, Captain America, was created in January 1940.


Comics turned into movies!?!?

First comic turned into a movie

The first movie was not superman, batman, or iron man like you'd think. The first one was captain marvel. It was about a boy who could say the word SHAZAM and turn into a grown man with superpowers similar to superman's.