Roman Empire

By: Kaitlin Meyer


I chose to do my research on Roman Empire. I hope you have learned what i have learned in the last cupel of weeks. This project is based on a real story. The three things I am doing are Rome, the City of the Seven Hills, the Kings of Early Rome, and the last one is 7 Struggles between Rich and Poor. Let's get started with my presintaion

Rome, the City of the Seven Hills

Down the Italian peninsula there is a small river called the timber. Once Sabines lived to the west distant kinsmen of the Latins. Latin merchant has a village that they built on one of the hills-called the Palatine. The Latines were herdsmen. Finally the seven hills forced to make city, Rome.

The Kings of Early Romen

The Romans history is so mixed with fables and myths that they have distinguishing the truth. The old legends tell that Romulus and Remus found a city in 753bc when the settlements on the seven hills were united. Romulus and Remus were mythical, but they think there is still evidence out there that the kings had said to have followed them existed. Numa Pompilius is described as a pious river. There is a legend that tullus udas killed by litting how it happed he was meddling with the weather.

Seven Struggles between Rich and Poor

Side by side there is the struggle for political power as the economic struggle between rich and poor. The landowners increased their estates, taking the best of lands and increasing their herds until they monopolized public pasture. The burden of constant warfare fell most on the plebeians, they had to leave their little farms to fight for the state's battles. While these important changes were taking pace, the little city state has been gradually extending it's power. The Etr uscans are the most powerful of Rome's early foes.


I hope you have enjoyed this presentation as well as I did. I wanted you to learn what some interesting facts about Roman Empire. I hope you liked my presentation and learned more about Roman Empire. This weak I have learned a lot about Roman Empire. Thank you for to my presentation.