It's SOL Time!

TestNav FYI

SOL Preparations

ICTS Service Desk has been sending reminder emails that computers need to be turned on and used several days a week for multiple hours a day. Also, devices must be shut down correctly in order for TestNav to update as needed.

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TestNav Tools - How They Work

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Brief TestNav Review

Below you will find a brief video that provides an in-depth look at TestNav tools, with a breakdown of functionality and live demonstration of how those tools work. This video also talks about the format of the test itself and shows you what to expect as the proctor or examiner in a test session as troubleshooting situations may arise.

Get Your Students Familiar - PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

Prior to working with students on the practice item sets, it is important for teachers to familiarize themselves with the navigation, tools, and accessibility features in TestNav 8. Teachers should also be familiar with how to answer multiple-choice and technology- enhanced item (TEI) types.

Student Practice Worksheet

One of my fantastic Fisher teachers created this sheet for her students to complete as they explore TestNav tools. Make a copy OR print and have your students get more familiar with TestNav features! Makes a great station activity!

TestNav Audio Player

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Students Submitting & Exiting a Test

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TestNav Error Codes

It's good to know what those numbers mean to expedite resolution time.