FES AIG Newsletter


Hi Parents,

October has been an exciting month in AIG! Listed below are some activities we have enjoyed:

Coding with Sphero Bolt - 5th grade constructed fortified pens to contain their “Spheroraptor.” Then they coded their “Spheroraptor” to break it out. 4th grade coded their way through a “Jurassic Mansion Maze.”

Breakout Edu – Students learned that the brain can grow and get stronger through having a growth mindset.

End of 9 Weeks Brain Game Celebration – Research shows that board games are great for developing logic and reasoning skills, critical thinking and spatial reasoning. Playing different types of board games can also increase verbal and communication skills, while helping develop attention skills and concentration.

Please enjoy the photo gallery below. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your child!


Terica Honeycutt

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