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Background Information

Capitol: Caracas

Major Cities: San Cristóbal and Maracaibo

History: Venezuela used to be a part of the major country Gran Colombia when it was controlled by the Spanish. After Simon Bolivar forced the most of the Spanish out of South America, Venezuela became independent in 1830 along with most of the northern countries.

Geographical Information

Location: Venezuela is located in northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and it is between Colombia and Guyana.

Physical Features: Lake Maracaibo, Guiana Highlands, and Llanos.

Political and Diplomacy Information

Type of Government: Federal Republic

Leader: President is Nicola MADURO Modos

International Relationships: Venezuela is not on the most friendly terms with other countries because of a maritime boundary dispute.

Economic and Trade Information

Currency: Venezuelan Bolívar

Economic System: Capitalism

Imports: Venezuela imports agricultural products, livestock, raw material, machinery and equipment, construction material, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and iron and steel products.

Tourist Information

There are many natural and historical attractions in Venezuela. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world, and is a great natural viewing site. Another area to visit is Colonia Tovar. This rustic town was founded in 1843 by immigrants from what is now Germany, this town is beautiful and full of color. Also, Mount Roraima of the Guiana Highlands is an amazing sight and an archaeological wonder. Venezuela is a terrific place for tourism.