Looking for a Mate!

What I'm looking for...

Hi It's Gloombug here. I am looking for a male mate. Make sure you have green fur and polka dots. Those phenotypes are attractive to me. Some genotypes I would like are RR, uu, Bb, Mm, and ff. I would like for my mate to have a tail, and definitely two horns, along with one eye and eyelids. Some of my genotypes are recessive, but most are dominant. My genotype is GG,Dd,hh,ee,tt,Ll,rr,uu,Bb,mm,ff,xx.

What I like...

I like long walks on the beach, chocolate, and flowers. I LOVE pizza. My favorite drink is bubble tea and I enjoy crafting.

Must have at least one homozygous trait. Heterozygous traits are great.

Similar genes are awesome for me!

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