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Dr. Marriott's Message to Staff, March 25 Edition

Dear Pirate Staff,

Teams have been busy working in two school years--current and planning for next year. The budget and planning process starts early for the next school year and involves a lot of staff to make it happen.

For next year, buildings are developing master schedules, determining staffing needs, planning and scheduling summer and beginning of the year PD, outlining facility plans, and developing budgets. Below are some top priorities:


  • New freezer space at BHS;
  • HCP playground drainage issues;
  • Replacement of rooftop HVAC units at BHS;
  • Finish BTEC north classroom and shop renovations;
  • Painting projects at LSE, DB, and BHS;
  • Sewer line replacement at Alt School;
  • Breastfeeding spaces at each buildings;
  • and other miscellaneous projects around the district.


  • Gather projected revenue information from all funding sources;
  • Adjustments for stagnant state funding;
  • Increased Transportation costs;
  • Increased utility costs (natural gas, fuel);
  • Increased costs for custodial services;
  • Increased costs for students who select virtual options (mandatory state requirement for districts to offer virtual options);
  • Increasing number of students participating in Great Circle's day program;
  • Salary schedule (classified and certificated) adjustments as the budget allows.


  • Reviewing current staffing needs;
  • Developing the master schedule at each building;
  • Conducting interviews for open positions;
  • Planning summer PD for new staff.

I share this information with our teams so all are aware of actions and plans. If you ever have a question as to why a decision has been made or not made, please ask. There is nothing secretive about the planning process. It takes an entire team to make it all work.



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Leave Request Reporting

As spring is picking up, it's a good time to have a reminder on leave requests:

Contact Laura Grathwohl at if you will be gone for more than 3-5 days. She is required to report this information for our district's FMLA reporting.

What is FMLA?

FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) leave allows staff to legally be gone for allowed reasons for a particular amount of time while their position is held. Examples of FMLA are maternity/paternity leave, surgery, and/or extended illness. FMLA does not affect pay, but rather is job protection.

Thank you for keeping Laura in the loop! If you have questions or need to contact her, she is available to help! lgrathwohl@bpsk12.net or x7307.

Celebrate a Pirate Colleague

Please fill out this form to help our Ship celebrate our successes, big and small. Attach any documents or photos, too. This form can also be used to show gratitude to another staff member.

Resources and Inspiration for our Pirate Team

A Few Other Reminders...

  • All purchase orders for the remainder of the school year must be submitted by 5pm on March 31st.
  • Our "All Hands on Deck" Community Service projects began this week at HCP. DB will participate the week of March 28th, LSE the week of April 5th, and BHS/BTEC the week of May 4th.
  • A BOE Budget Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th at 6pm. All are welcome to attend.
  • You may see some new faces working after school around the district. We've hired four high school students to assist with grounds upkeep and cleaning.
  • Our End of the Year Celebration will be at the Isle of Capri on Monday, May 23rd beginning at 8am.
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April Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday, April 13th, 6pm

736 Main Street

Boonville, MO