Intec Newsletter

March 2014

Technology Tips and Tricks

Last month, we sent out a survey to see who is reading this newsletter and asked for suggestions on what we could add to improve it. Thank you to Melanie Cohen, principal at River Springs Elementary School for suggesting that we include a quick technology tip each month. We listened and now will include this section in our newsletter. We have continued the survey to get more feedback. Please take a moment to complete the survey by clicking on the button at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you for your feedback.

Downloading Apps on iPad at School

We receive many emails from teachers stating that they can not download apps from school but have no problems at home. That is because you MUST sign into iPrism through your iPad's web browser (Safari is the most common). Even though you are not searching on the internet or accessing the internet at the time, the App Store requires a connection to the internet and will NOT download apps until you login to iPrism using your Novell login and password. Once you sign in, you should have access to the App Store and will be able to download apps from school. Also, always check to see if you have you have access to the Staff Wifi in the settings. Sometimes your iPad will switch to the guest network automatically, so checking this from time to time is a good idea as well. If you start a download at school that will not finish, you can take it home and complete the download process there as well.

Elementary Students Around the District Attend an Engineering Conference

Leaphart Elementary hosted the 3rd Annual LEAP into Thinking through Engineering Conference. This conference included a variety of sessions for students. Sessions were led by In-Tec Specialists Andrea Rollison and Heather Rogers, high school groups, and teachers. AGP students from OPES, CES, NRES, HWES and LES attended the sessions which included design challenges, STEM at CRMS, CHS senior engineering projects, hovercrafts, computer programming, mouse trap cars, engineering behind the Olympics, and LEGO builds. Many sessions were led by high school students currently in engineering programs. This conference is a way to excite students about engineering as a career path and to connect our district through students sharing with students.

Future Computer Programmers

InTec Specialist, Andrea Rollison, educates students from OPES, NRES, CES, HWES and LES about computer programming using Tynker. Some students are familiar with programming because of programs like Scratch and the week long Hour of Code event but none knew about Tynker. Students programmed a turtle to move using simple commands such as “move forward”, “move backward” or “turn” a certain angle. Draw complex shapes and patterns using these commands in conjunction with loops, sequencing and conditional logic.

The Augmented Reality of the Winter Olympics

Heather Rogers, InTec, worked with students from OPES, NRES, CES, HWES and LES to gain understanding of the engineering behind the Winter Olympics. Students used the iPad App Aurasma to scan pictures of Olympic sports to view a video of the engineering behind the sport. Students used information from the video as clues to help them figure out questions they were given.

We All Do with Lego WeDo Kits!

AGP Teacher Renee Morris and Math Coach Debbie Mingus instructed students to build hungry alligators or drumming monkeys with WeDo LEGO sets. After students completed the build of the structure, they were able to write computer code to make their animals do various tasks.

Expert Projects at HEC

Ms. Kemmerling's third grade AGP students used Prezi to show what they know! Students researched a topic and prepared a Prezi Presentation to share with the entire third grade class. Students worked hard to gather information and did a great job of using technology to share what they learned in an interesting and eye catching format. This project also allowed students to work on keyboarding and presentation skills as well. Prezi is a web-based presentation program. Grab some Chromebooks and let your students "show what they know"!

Smart Kids-Smart Table

Kindergarten students at Irmo Elementary were given hands-on training in the use of the Smart Table. Small groups gathered around the table to learn about the care and use of this amazing new learning tool. All students have the opportunity to participate in the various activities as they manipulate the touch enabled board.

ChatterPix Kids! Seven Oaks Elementary MEDIA Magnet School First Grade Teacher Karen Haynes's Students Research and Create!

Check out this nifty, FREE app named ChatterPix Kids that gives students the opportunity to create projects and make the projects talk! Karen Haynes collaborated with InTec Andrea Baker and Program Manager Karen Ogen. Students researched the animal of their choice using print and online resources, and wrote informational text sentences about what they learned using their own words. Students drew a picture of their animal and then each student created a ChatterPix Kids project about their animal. Please click here to view several of their projects!

Seven Oaks Elementary MEDIA Magnet School is Establishing Partnerships for an Enhanced Education Full of Opportunities!

Mrs. Baker (InTec) and Mrs. Ogen (Program Director) visited the WLTX News Station February 20 to talk to their news director. We discussed ways that WLTX can support our students as we incorporate our MEDIA Magnet Theme (Mass Communications, Engagement, Digital Media, Interactive Learning, and Academics). Seven Oaks Elementary MEDIA Magnet School has partnerships with ETV of South Carolina, WLTX Channel 19 in Columbia, WIS News Channel 10 in Columbia, and Mrs. Ogen is currently discussing a partnership opportunity with the Irmo News.

Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Engines!!!!

Students in grades 3-5 at Dutch Fork Academy of Environmental Sciences are excited for the roll out of 1:1 Chromebooks in the classroom! Teachers have been in ongoing Google "Driving" academy, and have pit crew training in the care of the carts and computers. They are zooming around on the solid state machines and are ready to get going using them with the students on a daily basis!
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