The Ririe Report


This Week...


  • Order of operation - we spent last week solving equations and expressions (equations have an equal sign, expressions do not).
  • This week we will write and solve equations to word problems. For example: I went to HEB and purchased 2 Blue Bell ice creams for $5.98 each. I paid with a $20 bill. How much did I get back? Answer: 20 - (2 x $5.98)=


  • Review weather vs climate
  • Changes to landforms
  • Weather, erosion, deposition


  • Order of operation and fractions
  • We did a little better this week, around 10 students turned in their homework. I frequently offer incentives to those students who do their homework. They know I love to give them stuff.

It's Time to Pass It On!

Our fifth grade fundraiser starts next Monday (January 31st). I'm asking the kids to go ahead and bring their items to sell this week so we can start pricing items. The majority of the items will sell for no more than a dollar.

Click on the button below to get more information.

Don't Forget

Don't forget to keep updated on your student's grades by checking HAC. I try to input grades every week. If a student has not handed in an assignment (despite repeated requests) I will usually put a 50 with a note stating that the assignment has not been done.

I've been working with the kids all year long trying to help them get organized and take responsibility for completing their work. Luckily most of my students have no problem turning in work. I remind them that learning to manage their time/work will come in handy when they are in middle school.