Shopping, Struggles & Solutions

by Nidhi & Yumna <3


The ability to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. It is often used via a credit card and many people go into a debt because of over-spending. This will be further explained in the following paragraph. Many people choose to use credit cards over physical money as it saves space and time.


Many people struggle over the fact that they spend too much and save nothing, but since they're so addictive over it, they can't seem to stop. Wait a second! We know that they struggle with spending but what else do they have problems with?

People who over-spend, also have struggles with:

  • Debt

  • Budgeting

  • Controlling the urge to shop

  • Addictiveness

  • Bills

  • Family or your own needs

  • Money needed for the future


Everyone knows that with every struggle comes a solution, yes, it might take time and lots of effort to accomplish but it will be wroth it in the end. So what solutions are there to overspending?

Some solutions to overspending are:

  • Create a budget
  • Plan out your expenses
  • Have only ONE credit or debit card for emergencies and don't carry it around with you
  • Set up a saving account where the money is taken out of your pay-check
  • Think about your needs and wants before you buy an item
  • Have a financial agent control your finances
  • Try not to pay attention to useless items.
  • Control your urges