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Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

My Challenge to You

I have been wanting to share this video for the last several months but I felt we needed to have developed our conversation so that this video would make more sense. It is about 20 minutes long so you will need to allow yourself the time to watch and then process. Sir Ken Robinson gave this talk in 2006 and the conversation almost 8 years later is still relevant in education. The talk is just as entertaining as it is enlightening and educational.

As you watch the video listen for what he has to say about creativity in children, about how as we get older we become less creative, the relevance of education today to the world of tomorrow. These are all things we have been talking about recently. I believe that all of this discussion over creativity and relevance is important because it causes me to think and reflect about what I do professionally and personally for our school.

How does all of this effect you as a teacher? This is all a part of the conversation about thinking outside of your box. I will continuously push you professionally to think about what you are doing in the classroom. Are you striving to be on the top of your game or have you settled into complacency?

Here is something to think about when you are thinking of your classroom lessons... if I were a student in my class, would I want to be a part of this lesson...or....What will I experience as a student from this lesson? If you take those questions into consideration as you design your lessons you will find the creative spark to increase student engagement and learning.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.



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