Team Hill's HERO's Monthly Review

MARCH 2016

Here is your month at a glance

In March you hopefully got some new product in your hands by holding your own launch party, including at least one hostess exclusive to help you with getting some parties on the books! We were able to register for National Conference at the early bird rate of $99 and the April Better Together event. Check TOT under "Attend an Event" for more information on both of these opportunities. Our total Team Sales for March were $13,692.50 which is very close to last month but still below where we should be for having 33 current members. My goal is for each team member to ensure they get a pay check every 2 weeks, or at least every month, and I would love to see everyone keeping themselves active each month with $200 or more in personal sales. We had 11 people not enter anything in sales this month. Think of what we could be doing if everyone was active in their business! If this is you and you need help please reach out, ask questions and let's see how we can change that for April :)

Together we entered 25 party orders - these may not be actual home parties but hopefully the majority of them are :)

Director's Corner

I think it's important that you know how I do each month, so whether it's just to see that I am also actively working my business, or to look towards what you need to do in a Leadership position, here are my monthly stats.

PV of $2489

Party orders were 3

I added 2 new team members this month!!

Working for Leadership

We had an amazing 3 ladies who had total sales over $1000 PV in March! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Amber Quarrington, Julie Dunlop and Tiffany Morley (in order of how they show up in my downline report)!!!!!!!!!

To be a Director you need to have $1000 PV, $4000 team sales and 4 PEQAs (personally enrolled qualified active recruits). You are all well on your way, so keep up the fantastic work!!! If you ever have any questions about climbing the 31 ladder please let me know and I would be happy to explain it or work with you on your goals.

Consultant Surveys

Thank you to all of those that have completed my Consultant Survey! I had asked for existing members to complete it by March 15 and sent the link or tagged new consultants when they joined. I am planning to start Team Trios using the information from these surveys and need every active member to do it. I have 21 submitted so far. If you have not yet done it, please take a few minutes to fill it in and submit it. Thanks so much :)
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National Conference

I highly recommend attending Conference, whether you are working it and want to learn more and do more, or whether you are lacking motivation and need a boost. The atmosphere is so encouraging and exciting, you learn so much about the company and get tons of valuable training, meet new friends and spend quality time with team mates and you get lots of free product from the Fall catalogue!!! It's $99 for new consultants and early bird registrations, and then it goes up to $150 I think. You'll have to check TOT for the details. We've got a group of at least 5 or 6 going so far, we'll drive together and room together which makes it very reasonable cost wise. If you have any questions please message me or post in the team page. I would love to see you there!
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Allison Hill ~ Independent Director


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