Sun and Shadow

Plot line

-Ricardo finds out that there is a photoshoot outside his home

-Ricardo goes outside and starts to rant at the people doing the photoshoot

-Ricardo gets so mad he pulls down his pants and pees on the side of his house

-Ricardo starts to come down and puts his pants back on

-Ricardo goes back inside his house


The theme of this short story is that nothing is perfect. No matter how much you try to cover it up and make it look perfect you are still covering it up, making it not perfect. I think this is the message because when Ricardo went out to the people with the camera sets and the backdrops he went to tell them how un perfect it is.
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The author uses indirect characterization well throughout the story by using actions and speech. The author shows that Ricardo is overprotective, grumpy and unhappy by his actions. For example when Ricardo went outside his house and gave a speech on why the photoshoot shoot should go away he was protecting the dignity of his home.

Major Conflict

The major conflict of this story is that there is a photoshoot in a run down neighborhood. The reason why I think this is the major conflict is because the entire story is wrapped around the photoshoot.
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Literary Device

A literary device that I think the author uses a lot would be imagery. The reason why I think this is because Ricardo points out all the imperfections and describes them to the photographers. " Look the paint is chipping and peeling!"

The Most Compelling Aspect of the Story

Something that was very compelling in the story was when Ricardo was making his home more of an imperfection by peeing on the front of his house while everyone is watching him, just so that he could prove a point. If you love a great shocking event you would very much like this story.