Caleb Camacho

Culture:What is the climate for this country and how does that affect its culture?

The climate is hot and humid . It makes it easier because people move and work easier in hot climates and other people cant work easy because they do not like hot weather . It is the same thing in Bogota (Colombia's capital ) . There is not much severe weather in Colombia or Bogota .

Geography:What are the land forms and how they where formed?

The mountains can be cold and hot sometimes . The mountains have been made from the ground because of the abrasion that had happened to shake it . There are some big and some small . The Andes run along coast of Colombia .

Resources / Economy:What are Colombia's most valuable resources and how does the economy affect its country?

Coffee is Colombia's most valuable resource . The economy affects it greatly and horribly . Water affects it greatly and not badly but it can sometimes . Land slides affects it horribly because it can cause damage and hurt people in many ways .

History:What happened back in Colombia that now they made better?

Colombia had bad landslides now it got better at not falling . The traffic was bad before now the traffic got better . Luckily the stuff that was horrible is now better .
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