What's Buzzin?!

August 23, 2017

Welcome to the Gold Hill Elementary School What's Buzzin?!, a school-wide web-based newsletter shared through the smore platform! This is one way for us here at school to communicate with our GHES community and keep you updated on resources and events happening in and around our school. You can expect to receive this information weekly or bi-weekly via email. Inside the email you will always find a link to the smore, which will contain all of the information you need in one place. So...happy reading!
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Car Line Procedures


With your help, we will continue to work towards maximizing safety and efficiency in the car line during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. Please keep the following in mind as you drop off and pick up.

- If you need to park, please pull around the car loop and park in the spaces on the exit side of the loop. When people park in the spaces directly in front of the school, it can be difficult to back out, it slows down the line, and is a safety hazard (I haven't seen an accident yet, but too many close calls for comfort!)

- If you have young children who need help finding their classroom, let our student leaders help! They are the students who help by opening car doors and greeting children and parents in the morning. If your child needs help, simply let the student helper who opens the car door know the name of your child's teacher, and they'll be glad to walk them to class!

- If you drop off your child in the middle school car loop, please do not park along the curb and walk your child to the elementary school side! It slows down the line (or blocks it altogether), and is not safe for you or other drivers.

- Please have your child exit the vehicle on the right side! Sometimes there are cars driving in the left lane, and if your child is exiting on the left side, your vehicle could be damaged or worse your child could be hurt!

- Please follow the signs and be sure to pull forward as far as possible!


· Go to Fort Mill School District website www.fortmillschools.org

· At top of screen click on $PAY FEES

· Parents will need to set up an account using their student’s ID # from PowerSchool.

· Select the tab with child’s name.

· Where it says lunch card, select Add Money and enter an amount

· You can choose to pay Lunch Card only or place lunch money in cart and purchase other items

· When done, checkout and follow payment procedure

· Lunch money will show on child’s account within 24 hours

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 9/12: PTO meeting @6:30pm in the Cafeteria

Thursday, 9/14: 2nd grade curriculum night in the Cafeteria

Thursday, 9/21: Boosterthon Fun Run- K/1 @8:15, 2/3 @9:25, 4/5 @10:30

Thursday, 9/28: PTO Family Bingo Night in the Cafeteria @6:30-8:00pm