Strategic Plan Update

Juvenile Services Education System of MSDE

The Strategic Plan Verification Project Newsletter: July 2016, #3

Happy Summer! The UMD team has now visited all of the DJS facilities. We look forward to our second round of visits to observe classes and talk with students, teachers and staff. In May we attended the JSE Leadership Meeting at MSDE and facilitated a discussion of some of the goals in the Strategic Plan, we plan to attend more meetings and are looking forward to working together to reach our targets. We plan to release an interim report on the Strategic Plan late this summer or early fall.
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Strategic Plan Overview

The Strategic Plan 2015-2017 (SP) was been developed to focus efforts on priorities as Juvenile Services Education transitions into becoming a unified school district within Maryland State Department of Education. The SP was developed to guide and inform operations that all build on the MSDE/JSE mission - “JSE schools challenge students to earn credits toward their high school diplomas, industry certifications to enhance their employability, and, when appropriate, high school diplomas by examination” and the MSDE/JSE vision “JSE will be recognized for accelerating student achievement and preparing students for a successful transition to their communities.

The SP is organized around five overarching characteristics chosen from national best practices for correctional education. These are closely alligned to MSDE/JSE's guiding principles : 1.Environment/Climate, 2. Resources, 3. Recruitment/Staffing, 4. Rigorous/Relevant Curriculum and 5. Reentry. Each of the five characteristics comes with a set of strategies which are elaborated as action steps with completion dates in six-month intervals from 2015 to December 2017. See full document at

The MSDE/JSE leadership team (principals and central administrative staff) have worked to operationalize parts of the SP to use it as a “living document” that helps us look forward in planning for the best possible educational outcomes for youth. Future newsletters will report on specific progress and measured outcomes.

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Data Driven

Performance data can help JSE measure student progress and determine the extent to which the system is meeting the targets specified in the Strategic Plan. Quality education can’t be distilled into test results and performance indicators alone, but student and school-level data can be an important part of an accountability system. We are currently examining student engagement, learning activities, credit accumulation, certificates of achievement, GED completion, and special education services as part of our review.

Principals in JSE with help from teachers, counselors and administrators turn in monthly reports counting enrollment, attendance, completions, academic certifications, test results and credits earned. Implementation of Power School - a management software - in the coming months may help to automate this data and grading with the goal of making student progress more transparent to the student, JSE, and local school systems.

Our review of annual accountability reports for AY 14 and AY 15 show a couple of notable trends: there was a decrease in total numbers of students served by JSE from 5482 in FY14 to 4736 in FY15. There was a corresponding decrease in the total number of CTE (career and technical education) certificates earned during this period. Overall in FY 15 JSE met accountability goals for Overall Attendance (93%) and Math gain (65% who took BASI post-test), but didn’t meet its goal for GED completion (52/118 passed) or in BASI reading gain (53 percent improvement). The data also show that when comparing AY15 to AY14, 30 more students took the GED, BASI math gains were up 5%, and average BASI reading scores were basically unchanged. Between AY 14 and AY15, there was an increase of students with special needs from 25% of total enrollment in FY14 to 27% FY15 with a larger percentage in treatment schools (35%) than in detention schools (26%).

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