Media carrer


Basic skills

Ability to sing/Rap

Musical rythem

Public speaking skills

Dancing abillity

What do you do as a Singer/Rapper



Preform in front of audiences

Famous Christian rappers Lecrae, Tedashii, KB.

116 Clique

Work hours/Travel and conditions

2-3 hours in studio

Traveling across country for 2-6 months preforming Late nights

Physical demands are simple- Ability to rap and dance on stage for 2 hours

Educational Demands

Ability to memories 10 and up to 20 songs quickly

Musical rythem

Memorizing dance routines



National and State money average.

Nation and state are the same because your constantly selling to people across the us.

$3 per album sale!

From $100,000 to $1Million every concert!

Furute outlook.

Rap is very popular!

Teens everywhere are listening to rap daily!

Rap is very popular and will most likely stay very popular and stay a successful job for years to come!

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By. Reese Bonneau