January 13, 2014

Ms. Frehner's Weekly Announcements

Live Class Changes

Beginning this week students may be attending their live math and language arts (ELA) classes with a different teacher. This will allow for instruction to be more targeted toward each student's individual needs. You can expect to receive a k-mail from your math and language arts teacher(s) today (Monday).

I AM STILL YOUR HOMEROOM TEACHER. This is important for you to remember as you go to submit your work samples each week. You will be submitting work samples for your math and ELA teachers, but on the work sample you will need to select "Ms. Frehner" for your homeroom teacher. (Each teacher will go over this in class on Monday.)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your new math and/or ELA classes, please let me know!

This Week's Standards and Work Samples

You should complete the work sample specific to your math and ELA classes. You do not need to complete every work sample listed below.

Mrs. Brown's Math -
Place Value and the Base-10 System - Work Sample
Ms. Frehner's Math - Rounding to the Nearest 10 and 100 - Work Sample
Mrs. MacDonald's Math - Geometry - Work Sample
Mrs. O'Connor's Math - Quadrilaterals - Work Sample

Mrs. Brown's ELA - Syllables - Work Sample
Ms. Frehner's ELA - Albert Einstein (adjectives, using evidence from the text) - Work Sample
Mrs. MacDonald's ELA - Main Idea and Supporting Details - Work Sample
Mrs. O'Connor's ELA - Supporting Opinions with Evidence - Work Sample

Book Review

The final copy of your book review should be typed and k-mailed to me as an attachment no later than this Wednesday, January 15th.

End of the Semester

Semester 1 ends this Friday, January 17th. Any work you would like counted towards the first semester must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm that day.

Semester assessments for History, Science, GUM, and Literature need to be scanned and k-mailed to me.

Report cards will be sent via USPS by Friday, January 31st to the address on file with NVVA. If you need to update your address, you will need to send a copy of a mortgage statement, rental agreement, or utility bill with your current address listed to Kirby Okuda in the main office. Phone: (702) 407-1825.

Clark County Museum Field Trip

Friday, Jan. 31st, 10am-12pm

1830 South Boulder Highway

Henderson, NV

Cost: $0.50 per person.
Please RSVP via the Community Board.

January Birthdays

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Friday, Feb. 21st, 10:30am


We will be using Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to participate in some fun math centers. While the reading of this book is not required for the field trip, it is recommended to enhance students' field trip experience.

More information to follow.

Ms. Frehner's Contact Information

K-Mail: Heather Frehner
Phone: (702) 407-1825 x7055
Blog: msfrehner.blogspot.com