Tradigital Learning

A mesh between the past, the present, and the future

When it comes to using technology in the classroom, many educators may be on the fence about staying with the traditional, boring instruction or using every aspect of technology in order to spark excitement and learning in the students through digital instruction. However, one or the other exclusively could pose certain detrimental effects to students' learning. Too traditional can bore the student, causing them to not pay attention, and too digital can over-stimulate the student, causing them to become too distracted to learn. In my own opinion, I think that a mix between the two, using the past, present, and future through "Tradigital Learning" can work perfectly.

The Past

In the past, education has been infamous for being too rigid. Teachers would regularly paddle their students as a classroom management technique. However, there is something to be shown for the success of lecture, questioning, and discussion with the students as a class. Of course, having an exclusively teacher-centered instruction is not beneficial to anyone. Imagine sitting in a 300-person lecture hall on your first day of College Algebra. It's probable that listening to the instructor is not helping you learn. According to, maintaining objective educational standards based on testing, favors a more traditional approach. The evolution of technology has made the once boring teacher-based instruction a little bit more engaging with smart boards and PowerPoint presentations.

The Present

Many schools have been funded money for laptop carts or portable devices for students to use in the classroom. Schools are now rapidly becoming 1:1 laptop or iPad schools. The digital learning has evolved more from a teacher-centered instruction to a more student-centered instruction, giving the student opportunity to become more actively engaged in finding their own resources. According to CDK's Technology Bits, Bytes and Nibbles, Inman, Kansas is booming when it comes to 1:1 technology for students.
Inman Visionary Leadership

The Future

In the future, imagine a world where students do not have to carry textbooks to and from school! A world where simply carrying a laptop or a tablet will suffice. Perhaps our high school classes will be offered online, or through hologram instruction for home schoolers. Pearson has released their first line of digital textbooks through iTunes. This will be helpful for some students, but other students will still need lecture or one-on-one instruction in order to absorb the material.