Dr. Shaw's Weekly Newsletter

October 13th - 16th

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to the second quarter! Grades are now finalized for the first quarter and can be viewed through the portal. The first nine weeks is always a bit hectic as we all get to know one another and become accustomed to the expectations of fifth grade. I am looking forward to this nine weeks as our class should really begin to hit their stride. Please help your son or daughter keep the goal you all created for this term in mind.

Monday the 12th is a teacher planning day/student holiday. Report cards will be sent home on the 16th.

We will take fifth grade class pictures on Tuesday for the yearbook. These class pictures are taken on the playground in the morning. Please be on time to school Tuesday!

Our schedule will change slightly on Tuesday. We've added two new fifth grade classes at Jackson Elementary and as a result, our lunch time shifted to 11:16. We now eat at table 3. Our class was not affected by the addition of the two new classes.

Here's the scoop on what's up first in this new term.

In math, we will wrap up our study of powers of ten and recognizing that in a multi-digit number, a digit in one place represents 10 times as much as it represents in the place to its right and 1/10 of what it represents in the place to its left. This is actually a first quarter skill, but because of CogAT, we ran a bit behind in math. There is a daily grade on this skill Friday. I've assigned some LearnZillions videos to support your child's learning. After that we will dive head first into fractions. The rest of the term will be spent on adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers, all with unlike denominators.

In social studies, we will begin chapter three, which covers railroads across the west, pioneers on the plains, cowboys, and battles with the Native Americans. There are no assessments next week.

In science, we will begin a life science review from the first nine weeks that will cover cells, animal classification, and inherited traits/learned behaviors. There will be a life science cumulative test on Friday.

ELA Announcement: Your child has been enrolled in the online program, Classworks, which is available through your child's portal. Nightly homework will include spending 10 minutes (or more if your child desires) in the program. Mrs. B is able to monitor your child’s progress and effort. This program will allow her to customize extra help for your child in areas of ELA. If there is an occasion where internet connection is an issue, please jot Mrs. B a note in your child’s agenda. An email is not needed. Thank you for your support!

Reading- With the beginning of the 2nd marking period, the first focus will center on identifying the main idea of a passage. Mrs. B. will also gradually introduce the concept of theme so that the students may decipher the difference between the two objectives. The content based non-fiction piece will align with our study of Westward Expansion. The fiction piece continues to be the heartwarming book, Wonder.

Grammar- The first grammar skill is expanding, combining, and reducing sentences for meaning, interest, and style. Capitalization, punctuation, copying correctly, and handwriting quality/effort will also continue to be addressed.

Word Study- The first Greek/Latin root will be Ad/Assimilated Ad. Even though it is a short week, There may be a DG Friday. The list of words is on Quizlet.

Writing- The class will conclude their Halloween costume opinion piece. The next focus will be including narrative techniques such a dialogue, description, and pacing to develop experiences and events or to show the responses of characters to situations. Expect your child to ask for an interview in the coming weeks!

Have a great week!

Dr. Shaw