jj Burgess


airfare cost and schedule

We are going from Denver to London then off to Italy total cost is $3536.

Schedual:Depart at Monday April 7th at 8:45pm and we will head home on Wednesday April 23rd at 12:45pm there are only two dinner meals the whole trip

we are flying on Delta airlines. I have a feeling this will be a fun excursion.



We are staying at the Ambasciatori Palace Hotel.It costs a little over $900 for two nights.There is free high speed wireless internet.They have a unlimited breakfast buffet.


First Im going to get a skip the line pass for the colosseum. It is a half day walking tour it costs $146 for two.

Second we will vist the St. Peters Basilica which is one of the grandest richest churches, just the outside makes anyones jaw drop it will cost $114 for two people.

Lastly i will be visiting the art gallery known as the Museo e Galleria Borghese

which will cost about $60 for two people.

Problems to anticipate and suggested soloutions

Jet lag it sucks it is a temporary sleep disorder but there is a solution to this problem. Since we are going east we will set our bedtime earlier one week before the trip as this was a suggested solution.


So we will have lots of fun and learn about the italian culture and what its like to travel.