Friday Wrap Up

Friday 2/19/2016

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Teacher Training Live Session Sign up- Module 6

Don't forget that one of the live sessions for Module 6 is

HS NPD: Special Topics

Promising Practices Conference
  • Thursday, 2/25/16
ALL DAY Event (Please attend as long as you can).

log into k12training > In search bar type, "HS NPD Special Topics > Click on Classroom Calendar View > Click the link located on 2/25/2016 > sign up!

Test Prep Boot Camps

Boot camps for Science CST and English/Math SBAC will during the following dates:

SBAC: February 22nd - April 18th

CST: April 4th - April 18th

Remember that these will occur on Mondays at 10am, and this is a call for all hands to be on deck! These sessions are scheduled for all students and will appear on their Class Connect Calendars.

Please ensure you review the session schedule and are ready to present your topic when appropriate.

Physical Fitness Testing (PFT)

Teacher Task List:

  • All 9th grade students should be assigned a PFT location and should have received a reminder kmail regarding the time/location.
  • All teachers are required to collect a "Release of Liability Form" for each student. If you have already collected this form, please ensure you have documented this appropriately in Marvin (see the attached tutorial). If you have yet to collect the Release of Liability form, please do so immediately and document in Marvin.

Remember if you have any questions, please reach out to your HLT, Roxi -, or Carol – and they will be more than happy to help!

Back Up Computer Files and Gradebook

Please take a moment today and Backup your computer/files! This process should be completed regularly!
Rule of Thumb:
  • Back up all files including your GRADEBOOK weekly
  • Back up your Gradebook Monthly to SharePoint

Quarter 3 New Students

Please be sure that you have reached out to any new students in your homeroom this quarter. Once you receive the green light from a FAST member, it is your responsibility to introduce yourself to the student and begin working with the family. Ensure that these contacts are logged in Pathways, selecting "WELCOME CALL" under the area of subject/focus. These calls should be done within 24 hours of receiving the green light email from the FAST Team.

Teacher Resourses

  • ClassDojo is a free app which allows teachers to communicate safely with students and parents. It is similar to; however, this free program does have additional functionality. Please feel free to check it out!

Systems Guide

Our wonderful support teacher, Joe Hargrave, has created a handy, "Systems Guide" for teachers to reference when needed.
  • Document Attached

Thank you, Joe!

Content Resources

Looking for content resources? Look no further!
Content Resources can be found in SharePoint. We would love for you to contribute to the resources folder. Please feel free to upload your content resources to share with the team!

SharePoint California Managed Schools > Teams > IS-CALA > Shared Documents > Content Resources > Class Specific Resources

Testing Window and RTO DATES

The testing window for this school year will be April 27th -May 31st. Based on these dates, the following documents the updated time off restrictions for the remainder of the year.

End of Quarter:
No consecutive days off April 13th – April 20th


No consecutive days off week prior to testing window open
No days off weeks of testing (April 27th-May 31st )
No consecutive days off week following testing window close

End of Year:
No consecutive days off June 17th – June 24th

Due Dates and Reminders

Feb. 18th: Q3-C1 BTSP & i-Ready Due (New Students Only)

Feb. 22nd: Q3-C2 TSPs Due

Feb. 29th: Teacher Calendars Due

March 8-9th: In-Person Professional Development

March 17th: LP-7 Ends (3/18-4/21)

March: 21-25: Spring Break

March 31st: Teacher Calendars Due

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