Definition of Communication

the process of conveying information so messages are received and understood

verbal and nonvebal

a form of communication that involves the use of words.


language that consists of words and phrases regarded very informal. sometimes there in writing but most likely in speech.

slag is appropriate to use when

"I" message and "you" message

"I" means, you take ownership for your feeling.
"You" means,the other hand,come across as accusations.

which type of message is best and why? i personally think the "I" message is better because you control you're own feelings

8 tips for better communication

  • Respond instead of reacting
  • let others have an opinion
  • Talk less Listen more
  • There is no right or wrong answer
  • Treat others whit respect
  • Show that you are listing
  • End whit a positive note
  • Listen more talk less

8 tips manage conflicts

  • ask questions
  • analyze expectations
  • recognize differing perspectives
  • stay calm
  • commit to work on it
  • identify mistakes
  • take action on preventing escalation