Freshman Year Of Tech Essentials161

Important Things We Learned and Reflection

By: Alan Poothurail

Google Docs, Drive, Slides, Spreadsheets

Google Docs is what we use to write a paper or make anything on it. Google Drive is like a place where you can store really anything thing. It is organized and makes it easier to share. Google Slides was a application where we can make presentations or anything like infographics. Google Spreadsheets is where you go if you want to make something out of data. These are basically all in Google Drive. This is important because this what we mostly use in school everyday. It is important to learn how to use it because if you don't you will have trouble with it during school. For me it made it a lot easier to get work done and to be organized.


WeVideo is a software where you can film and edit videos. This software is so useful because it creates ways to make editing so much easier. Your able to share the videos to others so they can enjoy to. Whenever I get assigned to make a video, we usually have to do it in WeVideo. This is why it is important. It can help you create the best videos and you can have problems creating it. Whenever I get assigned to make a video, I got scared knowing that I didn't know how to make a video. WeVideo helped me so much and it can help others.


Prezi is a software where you can make fun creative presentations. I loved Prezi. Prezi is important because it makes presentations more interesting and fun to go through. We used this in class and I think most of the kids liked it. I can useful when your teacher tells you to be creative. People get bored sometimes of Google slides. You can use Prezi to make your presentation more enjoyable.

Reflection On Tech Essentials 161

Tech Essentials is so far my favorite elective. I have accomplished so much things. I did things that I never thought I was able to do. I didn't even know I knew how to make a video, but I did it. The most challenging part was figuring out how all the applications and software we learned and used. if I could change one thing that happened this semester I would probably\y try harder on the WeVideo. I didn't try as much because I was very lazy. I thought Inographics were really hard at first, but after taking this c;lass it became easier to do now. Now I can teach others who don't know how to create an infographic. My favorite part of the class is when we discuss what we read about on feedly. I loved that part because we were able to share what we like o read. It made us get out of our comfort zone. We also had some very interesting discussions. Some were funny and others were serious. Mr. Anderson was a great teacher because he knew everything about technology and he always helped when we needed it. I will miss this class, but everyone has to move forward.

Tech Essentials 161 One o the Greatest Classes of All Time!!!