The Crusades

By Travis Scott and Arlex Castellano

What? (Which Crusade?)

  • First Crusade
  • Second Crusade
  • Third Crusade

When? ( When did the crusade take place?)

  • First: 1095-1099
  • Second: 1147-1149
  • third: 1188-1192

Who? ( Who was involved )

  • First: Pope Urban II and led by Peter the Hermit, Walter the Penniless, Godfrey of Bouillon, Baldwin and Eustace of Flanders
  • Second: King Louis VII who was enlisted by Bernard of Clairvaux, was a disastrous failure, including the loss of one of the four Latin Kingdoms, the Duchy of Edessa
  • Third: Pope Gregory VIII in the wake of the catastrophe of the second crusade, which conducted by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, King Philip Augustus of France and King Richard "Coeur-de-Lion" of England

Where? (where did it take place )

  • First: Constantinople
  • Second: Damascus
  • Third: Jerusalem

Why? ( why did the crusade take place )

  • First: The crusaders were outraged because of Jews and Christians being slaughtered.
  • Second: One of the prominent Christian states was controlled by enemies.
  • Third: The crusaders were outraged at the defeat of the Christian armies.

Result? ( What was the Result of the Crusade?)

  • First: The crusaders gained control over the city.
  • Second: The Crusaders lost
  • Third: Treaty was signed overJerusalem