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Over the next two weeks, we will finish up our study of literary nonfiction through autobiographies, biographies, and memoirs. The last piece we will read is a biography about Harry Houdini. Students will take a unit test over literary nonfiction on Wednesday, September 27 or Thursday, September 28, depending on any adjustments that may need to be made to the previous week's schedule. Students will be advised. Check their school planner for any adjustments.

In October we will begin our novel study of Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Munoz Ryan. We recommend that your child purchase a copy of the novel and bring it with them to class every day. We do have class sets of the book; however, we feel that students benefit from and enjoy having their personal copy.

As a reminder, students should be reading 20 minutes each night. By reading outside of school, students have a greater chance of reaching the 40 book challenge goal. The more they read; the more they grow! Check with your student to see his/her progress towards our class goal.

Lyssa Broach: lbroach@melissaisd.org

Reading Honors

We just finished our study of The Story of My Life by Helen Keller. The students have had such interesting questions and have a great grasp of the elements of literary nonfiction. We will put that knowledge to the TEST during the last week of September. Make sure to check their weekly agendas every Monday to keep up with the dates!

At the beginning of October we will begin our first novel study of the year. We will be reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. Along with the novel, we will be learning to look for fiction signposts. This close reading strategy is proven to be very helpful with making inferences and overall comprehension. Although it is not required that your child has a personal copy of the book, we do feel that students can benefit greatly by being able to highlight and make notes in the text as they read.

CORRECTION: I sent a letter home with your child on Thursday, September 7th with an updated book list for this school year. At meet the teacher I had said that we would be reading Touching Spirit Bear during the spring semester, however that has been changed to COUNTDOWN BY DEBORAH WILES.

I apologize for any confusion this might have caused. Please email me with any questions.

Taylor Durham: taylordurham@melissaisd.org


September 19, 2017

Sixth grade writing students are currently working on their first essay of the year, a personal narrative about a time when they conquered a major difficulty. We have spent time in class brainstorming ideas and will be drafting our papers soon! Rough drafts are due Tuesday, September 26 at the end of class. We will be working on our revising and editing skills prior to writing our finals drafts. Final essays will be due on Friday, September 29 at the end of class for a TEST grade. We have heard some great ideas for stories and are looking forward to seeing what they will accomplish!

Jennifer Eckert: jennifereckert@melissaisd.org

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September 19, 2017

The first month of school is about to end. We have just concluded our first 2 units of study and are testing on Wednesday of this week. We are starting to see students needing to finish some assignments at home. As hard as we work, sometime this is just necessary. If work is not completed by the time we grade the next day, students will need to attend a Work Recovery in order to turn the paper in for grading. Not attending work recovery within 2 days will result in a Friday Night Lights assignment and no one wants that. :)

Here are the upcoming events in math:

Sept. 18-22

Monday - Compare and order Rational Numbers

Tuesday - Review for Unit 1-2 Assessment

Wednesday - Unit 1-2 Assessment

Thursday - Division with fraction notation

Friday - Division with fraction notation Daily Grade

Sept. 25-29

Monday - Multiplying by Fractions

Tuesday - Multiplying by Fractions

Wednesday - Dividing Fractions by their Reciprocal

Thursday - Dividing Fractions by their Reciprocal

Friday - Dividing Fractions by their Reciprocal; Weekly Warm-up Due Daily Grade

Oct. 2-6

Monday - Multiply and Divide Positive Rational Numbers

Tuesday - Multiply and Divide Positive Rational Numbers

Wednesday - Unit 3 Quiz

Thursday - Absolute Value

Friday - Absolute Value Daily Grade; Weekly Warm-up Due Daily Grade

Tutoring is offered Monday-Friday in the morning (8:10-8:40) and after school (4:10-5:00). All your student has to do is show up with the paper they are needing to work on completing and a teacher will be there to help. The tutorial schedule is posted outside every math teacher's door.

Please contact your student's teacher at any time if you have any questions or concerns and we will get back to at our earliest convenience.

Math Honors

UPDATE: I would like to appologize if you have been trying to email me the email address below was incorrect. I have corrected the email address!

On Tuesday 9/19 students took their first Unit math test. If your child would like to improve their grade on the test they will need to correct all problems they missed on the original test, using the correction process. This may be done at home. Then they will need to come into tutorials before or after school and take a retest.

Tutorials are offered Monday-Friday before school from 8:10-8:40am and after school Monday-Thursday from 4:10-5:00pm. If you have any questions or concerns please email your child's teacher and we will get back with you quickly. Be sure to check out the 7th grade math website. The notes we take in class will be linked there.

Debbie Duguid- dduguid@melissaisd.org

6th Grade Math Website

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Sixth graders are doing a great job in science class. We are wrapping up our scientific method unit. We will continue to use these skills throughout the year for different activities. Our next set of lessons will focus on Properties of Matter. This will include further study of density, as well as comparing metals, nonmetals, and metalloids. Students will be introduced to vocabulary such as luster, conductivity, and malleability. Students will also continue to follow the steps of scientific method as we journey through this unit. The next few weeks will be full of learning.

Kisha Maurer - kishamaurer@melissaisd.org

Social Studies

Over the next 2 weeks in 6th grade Social Studies, our students Geography base will drastically broaden along with their comfort of interpreting information from maps through exposure to the foundations of Geography. We will begin to explore the 5 Themes of Geography, memorize the continents and oceans, learn how to find locations using latitude and longitude, and how to interpret information from thematic maps. Students understanding of basic geographic vocabulary and mapping skills will serve, as the foundation for a large portion of they will learn this year.