Learning Model #2

Greta B.

RL.6.6 Point of View

The author, John Gardner, develops the cobbler's youngest son point of view about the dragon by using thoughts, actions, and dialogue. My first piece of evidence is "He was very upset and nervous and wished he had never been born." This shows that the cobbler's youngest son is very worried and scared that it was his turn to face the dragon. He wishes he was never born because if wasn't he wouldn't have to be brave. My second piece of evidence is "And suddenly, in a terrific rage, the cobbler's son began flopping the sword end over end in the direction of the dragon." This implies that the cobbler's son is furious about the dragon making fun of the his father's poem. It also implies that the son is very loyal to his father. My last piece of evidence is " 'I'm glad that I listened to my father,' the youngest son thought, 'Now I'll be the richest man in town.' " This illustrates that the cobbler's son is so happy and extremely grateful that he listened to his father. It also shows that the cobbler's son is relieved that the dragon is gone and excited because he is a very rich man.

RL.6.7 Compare and Contrast Genres

Dragon, Dragon and Lob's Girl both deal with a problem that is life threatening. In Dragon, Dragon the cobbler's youngest son's problem is "Every time there was a full moon the dragon came out and ravaged the countryside." In Lob's Girl Sandy's problem was "But hour succeeded hour, Sandy showed no sign of recovering consciousness." This shows that both stories have a problem that everyone else thinks could be fatal. The cobbler's youngest son has to face the dragon and no one expects him to come back. Sandy has to is in a critical position and is close to dying. One difference is that the setting is in a different place. Dragon, Dragon took place in a kingdom, "There was once a king whose kingdom was plagued by a dragon." In Lob's Girl the story took place on a beach in a small town, "It began on a beach, the summer when Sandy was five." This displays that Lob's Girl was in a more modern place than Dragon, Dragon which must have been in a more medieval time. Another difference is that the problems are life threatening in a different way. In Dragon, Dragon the cobbler's youngest son faces a dragon, "At the sight of the dragon, the cobbler's youngest son began to tremble so violently that his armor rattled like a house caving in." In Lob's Girl Sandy faces death from injuries, "Sandy lay there, very flat under the covers, very still." This means that the main characters both have different things they have to overcome. The cobbler's youngest son has to be brave to face the dragon and Sandy has to be strong to stay alive. To conclude, although both texts have a big problem, Dragon, Dragon has to do with fighting a dragon, while Lob's Girl has to deal with being critically injured and coming back.