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Weekly Updates from Room F7

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, March 22 - Minimum Day for Students- Students dismiss at 12:45.

Friday, March 25- SPIRIT DAY: College Day!

Friday, April 1 - SPIRIT DAY: Wacky Day!

April 4 - April 8 - Book Fair

April 11- April 15 - Spring Break

May 12 - Whole Class Field Trip to the San Diego Zoo (more information to come)

Upcoming Birthdays

March 31 - Hudson

April 3 - Collin

April 19 - Diya

April 21 - Marissa

Have a happy first day of Spring this coming Sunday, March 20th! Darker mornings may be hard, but we have more time in our day for learning!

Weekly Curriculum Update

March Thematic Units: weather, seasons, three stages of matter, and continuing to explore the diverse cultures of our world.


Foundational: For the next few weeks, we will be learning about basic multi-syllabic words. Students will learn that compound words are words where each part can be a stand alone word. They will learn how to separate the syllable based on where the consonants are in the word. Each of the different syllables in the words that we study in the next few weeks will be closed syllables. Students are having a blast learning about r-controlled vowels and vowel teams. I challenged them to find vowel teams or r-controlled vowels in their books! We have found over 50 so far! Challenging students to find concepts in text assesses their ability to recognize them in print.

Literature: We will continue to focus on comprehension strategies that help the reader to better understand the text. We will be learning about questioning, visualizing texts, making connections, determining importance, and analyzing a text. Students will learn to compare and contrast different texts from different authors, genres or topics. We will also be reviewing text structures of both non-fiction and fiction texts and how they help us to better understand the text. This next week, we will be focusing on visualizing the happening in a text.


Next week we will dive into our study of poetry and poem structure! This is typically a fun unit for students as they explore the similarities and differences between common poem structures. We will tie in our new season of Spring as a theme for our poetry. Towards April, we will be starting to combine what we know about the structure of non-fiction books to create informational writing pieces. By the end of the year, students will be writing informational pieces about an animal of their choice! Every week we continue to practice conventions of writing, applying what we have learned in phonics to spelling with writing, handwriting, sentence fluency, and the organization and ideas of our writing.


Cubs: Cubs will be diving into their study of partners with addition and subtraction. Partners are numbers that go together to make up another number. Students have begun to use a Math Mountain drawing to show partners of numbers.

Bears: Bears finished off this week with the completion of our unit on data and graphing. Students have learned how to read data in graphs, organize data, and analyze the data with comparisons. They have also learned to use comparison bars as a wonderful visual to help them solve story problems. This week, we will begin a unit that focuses on measurement and geometry. We will begin with a concept students have been anxious to learn: telling time to the hour and half hour.


Next week we will begin to learn about the different seasons of our world and the causes for those seasons. Students will learn about attributes of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We will be learning about weather patterns in each season.


For our next trip, students will jet off to the country of China to explore Chinese culture. We will be learning about lifestyles, landforms, language, food, clothing, and schooling. We will be comparing and contrasting lives of people in China and people in San Diego. If anyone has any recommendations for significant landforms, cultural sites, or travel spots in China, please let me know so that I can include them on our itinerary :).

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