How does it happen??????

How does a Tornado form????????

A Tornado forms when a front of cold air and a warm front of air meet and then start spinning and make a funnel of air.

What damage can a Tornado cause?????

A Tornado can blow down houses and pick up cars and pull them apart. Also it messes up the ground a lot.

Have you ever seen a Tornado warning??????

I am sure you have because they come on TV. Have you ever seen the little box at the bottom of your TV screen, the one that sometime pops up. That is a Tornado warning some time it will say, "Watch out for a tornado" or sometimes it will say, " Stay inside because there is a tornado watch."

What type of storm can cause a Tornado??????

The storm that usually makes a Tornado is a Thunderstorm.This is showed in this picture below.
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How to recognize a Tornado????????

Well the characteristics of a Tornado are dark funnel shape clouds containing violently rotating air that develops under a comulonimbus cloud mass and extends towards the Earth.
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Are there any scales for Tornadoes???????

Yes there are scales as you see below.

  • F- 0 40-72 mph
  • F-1 73-112 mph
  • F-2 113-157 mph
  • F-3 158-205 mph
  • F-4 207-260 mph
  • F-5 261-318 mph

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The precautions for Tornadoes!!!!!!!

  1. First after a Tornado WARNING you need to act fast!!!!!!!
  2. In a public building such as a store or office, go to a designated shelter area such as a safe room, basement,storm cellar, or the lowest building level.
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