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A Brief Guide To a Beautiful Destination In Vietnam

Sapa is mainly situated close to Fansipan, the highest peak of Vietnam. It mainly lies in the region of Hoang Lien Son Mountain towards the northwest region of the country. This beautiful destination offers beautiful natural views, magnificent landscapes, French colonial villas, lush towns, lush vegetation, tribal villages and many more. For these beautiful and attractive points more and more travelers get attracted to this place every year.

About the place

This beautiful place has become home for some ethnic minorities such as the Hmong and Dzao. The people of these villages led a very simple life and maintained their culture and tradition for their future generation. You have the opportunity to visit these villages and can know more about their lifestyle. The people of these villages earn their livelihood by doing farming, but now a day they started relying upon tourism.

Activities to do

The best way to see this beautiful destination was by walking. Walking around the town during the early morning was the best option, because at that time tourist crowd was very less. The town is very small so it is very easy to locate the places and remember the way. Travelers can easily explore the whole town. Other activities can also be done during the trip such as trekking to the nearby villages or can go to tours by renting bicycle or motorbike.

Places to visit

This beautiful destination offers many more amazing places near to it such as the Lao Chai Village where you can reach by van or jeeps. In these villages you can experience the culture and tradition of these minority peoples. You also get the opportunity to have a view the ethnic minority dance. Some more amazing views can be captured at the country side such as beautiful waterfalls. Sapa Culture Museum, Han Rong Resort, BAC Ha weekend market, the Sapa Lake, colonial buildings and the European orchid gardens are some of the other major point of attractions in this beautiful destination. Sapa Travel provides an amazing destination for vacation with family and friends.