Carolina Mendoza

Why should homosexuals people get treated the same as straight people?

Homosexuals should be treated equally because they are humans just like us and can't control who they love, and they aren't harming anyone with their actions.

Background Information

Currently in the United States Same - Sex marriage is legal. Even if it is legal though, there are many more things needed for homosexuals to be treated equally. In some states it is legal to fire someone for being homosexual. Some people still do not accept homosexuals which brings another issue, bullying or discriminating gays. These are just some of the issues still needed to be solved to gain equality.

Text Evidence 1

In At Issue: Gay Liberation Movement it explains that "On June 26, 2015, the Court ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry anywhere in the U.S. However, gay rights activists all face many legal challenges at the state and federal level." This means that although same-sex couples got the chance to get married they still face other legal challenges.

Text Evidence 2

"Homosexuality is not a commercial product like a car, cigarette, or beer. Its not a political agenda. It is not marketing model such as a pyramid theme. It is simply a natural phenomenon, an equally qualified sexual orientation as heterosexuality that needs no promotion." This phrase is saying that homosexuality doesn't harm anyone and is nothing that needs so much attention.

Text Evidence 3

In the text Broadening the Quest for Gay Rights it states "'You can be married on Saturday, post your pictures on Instagram on Sunday and fired from your job on Monday' if you don't live in a state or locality with a law against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation." This proves that although the law of same-sex marriage being legal passed in the United States, there are still come states that will not allow a person to work for them for being gay.

Text Evidence 4

In Broadening the Quest for Gay Rights it also says "We believe that federal law should protect gay, lesbian and transgender Americans whether they are applying for a job, looking for an apartment or seeking to rent hotel ballroom for a wedding reception. That is also the view of prominent civil rights and civil liberties organizations and leading supporters of gay rights in Congress." What the text is saying is that gay people deserve the rights that any other person has,and that they shouldn't have worries that heterosexual people don't have.

Text Evidence 5

In At Issue : Gay Adoption it says "Advocates of gay adoption argue that same-sex adoptions are needed because there are so many children waiting to be adopted and same-sex couples are able to provide the children with stable homes and families." This explains that children need stable homes and it doesn't matter if the parents are gay or lesbian.


Some people argue that gay people shouldn't be granted rights because if they adopt or decide to have children the children won't have both a mother and a father. People argue that children need both a mother and a father, however this is not true. They don't necessarily need to have a father or a mother. All a child needs is a loving family who will take care care of them. For example, children who are raised by a single mother or father often turn out fine. They are evidence that children don't exactly need a mother or father, but people who love them and support them. Another example is a heterosexual couple adopting. This is an example because the people adopting them aren't their biological parents but the children learn to love them either way. A gay couple is basically the same thing, but some people don't understand that. Just because it's not a women and a men doesn't make it wrong. The children aren't at harm in any way. Therefore gay people should not be treated any less because of this.