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Appleby Westward Group Limited - About us

The convenience market is booming, but is becoming increasingly competitive and retailers know they cannot afford to stand still, that is why more new retailers than ever before are being recruited to join the big family of SPAR.

Independent retailers know that SPAR is the symbol group that offers them the most complete retail solution. It allows them to benefit from being part of a global brand and yet, at the same time, retain their independence. SPAR may be global, but thinks local - the majority of our stores are independently run and operated by dedicated retailers and their families.

Meanwhile, SPAR is enjoying a period of substantial growth. It is the world's biggest and most international retail food chain, with 19,000 stores in 35 countries. It records an astonishing 12 million transactions a week throughout its 2,800 stores across the country.

It is the biggest symbol group, with UK sales of £2.7 billion. Our package produces a unique convenience offer, including a cost reduction strategy that protects member's bottom line profits at a time of increasing operational costs, underpinned by our ethos of retailers and wholesalers working in partnership for mutual benefit.