Stuff That I Plan for my Future!!!!

My Whole future from Highschool to Retirment.


Never go looking happiness in the place where you have already lost it.

Making the Deans List in college would be a great way to show all of my hard work through school.

I Plan if I don't make it into the MLB to become a Lawyer or Meterologist.

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I would want to marry a girl with an out going personality and a kind heart. If we were to have kids I would want 2 boys or 4 boys.

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Future Retirement

When I retire I would love to lived in a highrise building in Napa, California or I would want to live on a yacht and travel the world.

Future Pets

All I want for my future pet is to have a pitbull.

Future Vehicles

Porshe or a Ferrari

Future goal

Cy Young Award
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Vacation Spot would have to be at Clearwater Beach Florida.

This is a town outside of tampa.

A future want would have to be a yacht.